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Handed-down Family Tradition

The excellent baking properties of our ovens stem from the use of natural volcanic materials: tufa from Bell, Germany. Tuff is a natural stone that absorbs large amounts of heat only to evenly and gradually release it to the product being baked. Breads and rolls can be slowly baked to completion without intermediate heating.

The outer design of the oven front is individual. This means, for instance, that the front can be masoned with face brick, clinker or quarrystone. Furthermore, the size is variable.

For the baking surfaces (hearth surfaces), we exclusively use volcanic tuff. For radial and arch stone we use chamotte brick the baking properties of which is very similar to volcanic tuff.

In addition to the hearth plates as well as the radial and arch stone, our scope of delivery also includes

• All fixtures such as loading and flue soot doors
• Peel and peel shaft
• Illuminated housing
• Pyrometer and anchorage

We manufacture single-hearth and double-hearth ovens.
For utilizing waste gas heat, a maximum of two water boilers of VA stainless steel can be installed.

Double-sided heating: the enironmentally friendly alternative in wood-fired oven manufacture.

For hearth widths greater than 1.60 meters, our ovens can be equipped with double-sided heating.

For this environmentally friendly alternative, emissions lie far below the statutory rating.
Smoke emissions from the chimney is minimal. Only the glimmer of hot air rising from the chimney flue is perceptible.

We also manufacture the double-side heated oven as single and double hearth models. This allows a baking surface of up to 12 sq meters.

And if you only wish to restore your presently owned stone-oven, we can offer you our expertise and experience.


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